Dear Dearborn Schools District community,

Ever since I pledged to serve this great community, I have been blessed and overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. I am truly honored to serve the Dearborn and Henry Ford College community the Dearborn Board of Education. 

As many of you already know, I applied three times and ran unsuccessfully twice for the same seat. Since my appointment in April 2019, I challenge the administration as well as my colleagues to do more for our students, teachers, and staff. Our taxpayers deserve a good return on their investment: a successful fiscally responsible and innovative district.

My campaign is about quality education for our students; strong schools with happy educators. I will always advocate for an equitable allocation of resources for each student in our amazing district to succeed. I wholeheartedly believe that quality education is the foundation of the great good and the special gift we can give to our children. I am running to retain your trust because I love and care about our schools and college. 

In the last year, I have advocated for more support to our district and Henry Ford College from our legislators. I continue to be vocal about the importance of social and emotional learning; leading the passing of the anti-bullying resolution by our board and recognizing the month of October as National Bullying Prevention Month. Fiscal responsibility to me isn’t just a slogan; It’s a major trust I hold dear to the taxpayers of Dearborn Schools district. I recognize and appreciate our heroes (our teachers, professors, and supporting staff) in their exceptional roles. 

In late July, I filed for the third time for the same spot; a school board seat on your Dearborn Board of Education. You will always have my word: that I will continue to listen to your concerns and work with you to continuously improve the state of education in our district and college. 

I hope to earn your vote as you vote this fall! To request an absentee ballot, please visit or call the city’s clerk. Voting starts on September 24th!

To learn more about my experiences, please visit Your support means the world to me and is much appreciated! 

Please feel free to email me at for any questions.

Yours in service,

Adel Mozip

Candidate for the Dearborn Board of Education