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Tech Equity: Interview with Alex Lopez || Issues in Education

I was honored to be Mr. Lopez’s guest at his show, Issues in Education during the April 2022 National Association of School Boards Association conference in San Diego. Schools have always needed to stay on top of new tech, and innovations that improve education. However, because of COVID, schools have a significant task of providing internet access and laptops to students. Listen to these education leaders on their ideas that may push us into the future. . . . My colleagues: Michael Flood Kajeet SVP & GM, Education Donald R. Hubler Macomb Board of Education Vice President Adel Mozip Dearborn…

Regarding my State Senate District 2 candidacy

My Dear Constituents: I hope that you are doing well during these blessed days. As someone who has always been transparent with you along the way since my first campaign in 2016, I am here to update you and inform you of recent developments. On Tuesday, April 19th, I filed to run for State Senate District 2 as I saw an opportunity for a higher calling to serve my constituents. I am as equally frustrated as you are with our dysfunctional state government. Senator Santana (incumbent senator for previous district 3) reached out and we met at Haraz Coffee and…

Trustee Mozip’s Speech @ Edsel Ford High School Class of 2021 Commencement

After a difficult year with students mostly attending school in virtual and hybrid forms, I had the privilege and honor to address the Class of 2021 at the mighty Edsel Ford High School commencement in June 2021. Video courtesy of Dearborn Public Schools. خطاب عضو المجلس التربوي لمدينة ديربورن عادل معزب في حفل تخرج ثانوية أدسل فورد لعام 2021.

Message to the Dearborn Schools district community

Dear Dearborn Schools District community, Ever since I pledged to serve this great community, I have been blessed and overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. I am truly honored to serve the Dearborn and Henry Ford College community the Dearborn Board of Education.  As many of you already know, I applied three times and ran unsuccessfully twice for the same seat. Since my appointment in April 2019, I challenge the administration as well as my colleagues to do more for our students, teachers, and staff. Our taxpayers deserve a good return on their investment: a successful fiscally responsible and innovative…

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