I’m applying to the board and need your help!


Dear Friend,

On June 1st, I turned in my application for the vacant seat on the Dearborn School Board. Board members will be interviewing candidates on June 6th starting at 5:45 at the Ten Eyck Building (18700 Audette Rd, Dearborn MI 48124) and my interview will start around 6:45.

Board members will then publicly cast their vote at their Monday, June 12th public meeting at 7:00 pm to select the next board trustee.

Why should I be appointed?

What I need your help with…

Email/Call the current board members and let them know why they should vote for the most qualified candidate who also received 11,195 votes in the last elections.

Here is an example:

Dear Dearborn Board of Education…

My name is _________ I am a Dearborn resident and a parent of one student in Stout Middle School and two students in Geer Park Elementary School. I am writing in support of the appointing Adel Mozip to the Dearborn Public Schools Board of Education. Adel is the most qualified candidate for the post.

Then mentioned two things why Adel should be appointed. (Here is a list of his qualifications)

Email the current Board Trustees
Call Board Members – Here is a list of their phone numbers
Attend Board Public Interviews on June 6th at 6:00pm
Attend School Board Meeting/Voting Day on June 12th at 6:45pm
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